Philadelphia - Tickets & Travel

NSA Philadelphia MWR Ticket & Travel sales are now available! We are offering three different options to best suit your needs and comfort:
- Virtual Sales *Limited Selection*
- Curbside Pick Up *Appointment ONLY*
- In-Person Sales *Appointment ONLY*
For further information, inquiries and questions please call 215-697-4101 or 215-697-5005. All sales are by credit card only. Proper safety precautions will be in place and enforced.

Current Ticket Prices
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  - Walt Disney World
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The Navy Community Recreation Tickets & Travel Office provides a variety of programs and services to help you make the best of your leisure time. Before visiting area attractions, stop by the Tickets & Travel office to purchase your discounted tickets. Our goal is to provide you with the best program for the best value.

Our office offers:

  • Discounted admission tickets to local and regional museums, amusement parks, and recreational and leisure attractions and activities
  • Discounted tickets and vouchers to out-of-area attractions such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and Sea World
  • Group bus tours to destinations such as Washington, DC and New York City
  • Be sure to check with the MWR ITT office for discounts to special events like the Army-Navy Game, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Hershey’s Candy Cane, and more.

Reservations for use of the MWR Pavilion and outdoor recreation rentals are also available.

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